International Author, Lawyer, Legal Strategist & Business Consultant
Basil is a lawyer and business consultant who specializes in extracting the hidden value that exists in most transactions. He is a powerful strategist and highly skilled decision maker and leverages those skills in creative ways for the benefit of his clients. His skills have been successfully applied in many transactions ranging from general commercial to M&A.

Basil earned his law degree from university however he credits his “real” education to having represented a diverse clientele in more than 1400 high-stakes contests where someone’s freedom, fortune, livelihood, reputation, career, pride or dignity was at risk. The skills he developed in those contests are readily translated into outstanding benefits for his clients.
Entrepreneur, Author, Internet Marketer, Speaker & Business Consultant
Darren is a self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned business executive entrepreneur, growth strategist, bestselling author and consultant.

Darren was the founder and International chairman of Mars Venus Coaching, one of the world’s most respected and leading brands, and is now the Director and President of global businesses such as Global Publishing Group, Health By Design USA and Global Trading Room.

He is also a board member of The International Institute of Hypnosis and the Chairman of the International Publishing Company Global Publishing Group. Through his various enterprises he has had offices & outlets in over 11 countries including Australia, Rome, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand and North America.
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